All email addresses on site change when i pull a site to local or push up to production

When I pull our live site down locally to make changes, every email address on our site changes from the live version of the url to the local version of the URL. The same occurs when i push my local changes up to the live site. Is there any way I can make it so it does not change any email address in the content of our web pages when pushing and pulling?

As an example it’s changing the address like this:

We need to make sure the content of the site isn’t changed every time we push and pull since it takes a ton of manual work to manually go through each webpage and change all the email addresses back to the correct address upon pushing and pulling. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

Hello @aaronblomberg . What’s happening here is that the pull and push of the site is running through a Search and Replace of the entire database for the site to be able to viewed locally. This also ensures that all the internal links are using examplestagingsite.local to make it viewable when clicking around. It’s also catching the email address if it matches the site domain.

You shouldn’t need to be doing any manual work at all as the search and replace is also occurring in the other direction.

I do like the idea of the Search and Replace not specifically catching the email addresses a user has. I’ll share that with the team. Thanks for posting here!

Hi Michael,

Moving forward, after pushing we will just use the find and replace function in the Kinsta backend to change all URLs upon pushing live. Thanks for the help!

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