Critical error after pushing local to staging

Hello, pardon my english… after developing my website in DevKinsta (local), i’ve tried to bring it to staging. all the transfer process went well, but when to “critical error” after it. Any suggestion what i supposed to do?

Hi there @Warih_Artiko :wave: and welcome to Kinsta Community!

To clarify, did you get the “Critical Error” on your local site on your local computer, or did you get it on your Staging site (and what’s the site name in question that is hosted in MyKinsta) ?
Could you please also upload some screenshots of the error in question so that we can take a look and see what might be causing it and if we can suggest anything to be done based on that?


Hi Pak Agus, i get it on my staging site (

Thank you sir! :smiley:

I checked your staging site (both with ?nocache and without bypassing cache) but I couldn’t replicate that critical error issue as shown in your screenshot

Did you get the error when you logged in to the WP Dashboard? as I only checked it from the homepage (without logging in to your dashboard).

I also checked in your MyKinsta , and in the “Logs” section of that staging site in question and noticed several recent Fatal Error like as follow:

2023/10/20 02:27:04 [error] 4231#4231: *578 FastCGI sent in stderr: "PHP message: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught WC_Data_Exception: Invalid billing email address in /www/............/public/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/abstracts/abstract-wc-data.php:943

something related to that woocommerce plugin .

As this seems to be a specific plugin related issue and the error happens on the hosting server, I would suggest to reach out to our support team via chat instead - that can be done from your MyKinsta control panel, so they can help to assist you with the above fatal error issue.

Hope that helps!

Cheers (greetings from Jakarta/Tangerang :smiley: ),

Thank you Pak! will chat the support team ASAP.

Iko - Jakarta/Pluit

You’re most welcome sir Iko! :smiley:
Alright sounds good then! :+1:

I can see that my colleague from the support team has handled you there :smiley:

I also informed him internally what I noticed/found on your Staging site, and most likely the Fatal Error was due to the incorrect email set in the wp_options ( admin_email ) - which somehow got changed during the search and replace process (and the email address would look something like this incorrect email format: info@ ) .

This is a known bug issue with DevKinsta indeed (similar to what has been reported in the other thread here as well) and we have reported this issue before to our internal devs team :bowing_man: .

So yeah my colleague will help to assist you on how to change that email address with the correct mail address/format. I told him the same about this and the solution that can be tried (as shown here as well)


once again, thank you Sir Agus!

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