Downloaded multisite from kinsta that only partially works

We’re trying to debug some issues related to calendar plugins that are installed on our live site. Some of them have seemed to work well on a stand-alone WP instance on another provider. However, we’re trying to figure out why they aren’t working on Kinsta multisite. I decided to try to play with the settings in DevKinsta, because that should be a safe space, and as long as I never upload this test system, no one else gets to see what kind of a mess I made. Unfortunately, a lot of the menus in DevKinsta install of the “master” image will send me to the real server, when I want to play with configuration locally to see if I can fix the issue. However, many of the links I see are taking me to the actual (live) site, rather than thest h=site I’ve defined. Is this expected behavior?

Hi @Green-Fox . Welcome to DevKinsta! I’m happy to help.

As this is a multisite, it may require additional configuration to work properly locally. The first step is ensuring the wp-config.php file is edited to include the local URL rather than live URL if one is in there. This is typically the case for multisites.

Additionally, you may need to add the other domains manually in your host file as only the main site will be included in your host file.

Let me know if that helps!

That helped.

I had to change DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE in wp-config.php and add additional entries to the local hosts file. I also had to go into localhost://wp-admin/network/sites.php and change the URLs for the sub-sites.

When I did the initial download/import, the system asked me if I was downloading a multisite environment and also asked if I was using hostname-based multisite. It seems a bit odd to be asked these questions if they don’t fully setup a local multisite environment. Is downloading/importing multisite setups a work in progress?

I’m sorry for the confusion. It does support it, but requires additional configuration according to how you’ve setup your own multisite. That includes adding the domains in the host. The question you were presented with makes sure the local server is configured to accept multisite addresses.

Could this be a feature/enhancement request for future releases of the DevKinsta, so that the download function does all of the configuration for host or directory based multisite this so that these extra steps wouldn’t be necessary?

Absolutely! We have a whole section here for feature requests here. Please do feel free to add this, alongside anything else you think that be a good addition. Thank you for making DevKinsta better!

Hello! I am having the same issue here. I imported a fully functioning multisite from kinsta and was unable to access the subdomains from the local install. I followed what Todd advised and have changed the DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE in wp-config.php to my local url and added the subdomains to the local hosts file. When I looked in wp-admin/network/sites.php I have nothing relevant to change. With these updates I’m still unable to access the local version of my sites subdomains. Please, help! Thanks.

Welcome to DevKinsta @ekline !

With a multisite, it’ll require that each domain is changed with the .local address. Could you provide a screenshot of what you have on that screen when viewing it?

I actually was looking in the php file and not the wp-admin/network/sites.php page in wordpress! Got it sorted out.

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