Email inbox issue

I have DevKinsta set up and running.

The issue I am seeing is that my email inbox within the app remains empty, despite firing off test emails from the WP installation.

I have even tried invoking wp_mail() directly and confirming that bool true is returned.

Any suggestions, debugging tips?

EDIT: I can see the MailHog interface by visiting http://localhost:15400/, where I can see the emails. Nothing within DevKinsta’s interface though. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance

Hi @SBP . Welcome to DevKinsta. I’m sorry for the trouble here. This indeed looks like a bug. Thanks for reporting this! I’ve moved this topic over to our Bug Reports category here. I’ve notified the devs and will keep you updated on this issue. Could you let me know what operation system you’re on as well? Thanks so much!

Thanks Michael!

Enjoying my switch to your dev environment at the moment, it’s been a nice transition so far.

I’m on MacOs 11.3.1 (Intel).

Hi @michael. Any news on this? How can I help in debugging?

Hi @SBP . I appreciate the help! We were able to identify the issue and hope to push a fix in a future update. I’ll post here when the release with this fix is launched.

That’s great. Thanks for the update :+1:

Hi, I have the same problem. Thanks for the tip, http://localhost:15400/ works :slight_smile:

DevKinsta 1.1.7 has now been released which fixes this issue here. Could you try updating DevKinsta and let me know if that resolves it for you?