Error establishing a database connection 2022

Hey Jack, so if you go into your site files at this approximate path:

Is there a backup.sql in there?

No signs of backup.sql …

Unfortunately, that was my best guess, Jack. Unless you have a plugin that took database backups or you have a .sql file somewhere among your files there’s no way to get the database back.

Are the devs still looking at the log I sent?

There was nothing really relevant in that log. Do your main.log/main.log. files go back to September? If they do please private message those to me as well.


main.log goes back to 26 May 2022.

I just PM you

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I know you’re on Windows 10 Home edition, but can you verify that when you go to your General Docker settings you don’t get the option to disable the WSL 2 based engine? I just want to be sure you’ve never changed that option (if it actually shows).

I’m off for now but I’ll be back tomorrow and let you know if our devs seeanything in your logs.

That’s correct, Kevin.

I can’t disable WSL2

Hi Jack sorry for the wait. So the consensus from the Devs is that this wasn’t caused by DevKinsta. I looked further into all of your logs and noticed a few things:

You created new_site on May 27th:
[2022-05-27 20:45:53.002] [info] [createNewDb] Create database: test_site

And errors with this database didn’t start until September 27th:
[2022-09-27 10:51:12.500] [info] [updateSiteUrl] Current and New URL: { site: { id: 'ad7c4bb9-167b-4b0d-b4dc-bdc98a4816ad', status: 'installFailed', name: 'test site',

Your MySQL log also only goes back until September 27th, earlier that day:
2022-09-27 02:51:11+00:00 [Note] [Entrypoint]: Entrypoint script for MySQL Server 1:10.5.5+maria~focal started.

You created your test2 site/database later that day, which explains why it’s still there:
[2022-09-27 11:35:37.863] [info] [createNewDb] Create database: test2

The same database errors show for your main development site as well. This tells me that something happened before September 27th that lead to your database data being deleted/lost.

What’s important to note is that if you completely uninstall Docker/clear its data from the debug page then reinstall it, you run into this issue. All the DevKinsta sites will exist, however the databases(which were stored on Docker volumes) will be gone.

In my mind, that’s the most likely cause to your issue. Either all of the Docker data was lost or Docker was uninstalled then reinstalled leading to lost volumes/data. There’s no way to see that in the logs, unfortunately.

I did notice that you have your files on your D drive instead of C. I’m not sure if that’s an external drive or just a secondary drive but it’s also possible there was some data loss/corruption. That would also explain some of the issues your were having in this thread (the dates I shared above match your posts here as well): Local site greyed out

That’s as much as we can see just from log files but I can confirm that there were no DevKinsta actions that would have deleted your databases. The issue is definitely with either Docker or with your PC/storage. Again, we are working on our on built-in database backup but it’s always best to have your own incremental backup set up until then.

In my memory, I don’t recall reinstallling docker.

Test & test2 were created as part of troubleshooting efforts to solve the “greyed out” issue.

D drive is a secondary harddisk in my PC. It only holds the Wordpress files.

Losing the database is very painful as the bulk of the work was done late last year. And I don’t have a backup.

Nevertheless, thanks for taking the time to look into this. It may be good to send out a note to all new & existing devkinsta users to do regular backups.

Yes, based on what I see with the logs, something happened before you created test2 that wiped out the database. I absolutely understand the frustration here Jack and thank you for sharing as much as you have. I’m definitely going to talk to our content team to see if they can add a database backup notice somewhere either in our documentation or within DevKinsta.