Expired hosting

I had my site hosted through a website guy and they used Kinsta. My account with them expired and now the site has no hosting and I cant get into myKinsta etc. Is anyone able to assist with getting the details so I can transfer hosting to another provider?


Hello @JulieCrutchley

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We are not able to share any information publicly, but what I can say is that I’ve checked and didn’t find any hosting container related to your domain. If your website developer cancelled the hosting account, all site files would be automatically deleted. If that happened more then 14 days ago, the files are deleted permanently.

If you only need site files and database, I suggest reaching out to your developer and asking for a copy.

If that’s not an option and it’s been less then 14 days since the site went down, I would advise the following:

  • write to support@kinsta.com so we can open a chat for you with our Billing team, there’s an ownership dispute that has to be settled where you would prove you are the owner of the site and domain and our team can check for residual backups so we can restore your site’s file and database

Kind regards