Ignore file for excluding files/folder from syncing in addition to manually selecting them

It would be nice if there was a way to manage a list of files and folders that we never want to sync (especially push) to Kinsta. I know about the option to manually deselect files and folders that I want to exclude, which is nice, but also a bit tedious for some files and folders that should never be pushed. A good example for that is the .node_modules folder.

It would be awesome if we could optionally include a .kinstaignore file, where we could manage a list of exclusions, much like a .gitignore file. That is something we could keep in a git repo, so all of our developers exclude the same files and folders when pushing.

Hey @sander welcome to Kinsta Community!
Thank you for your feedback, I do see how having a .kinstaignore file would be handy in specific scenarios.
I’ve just passed your idea as a feature request to our developers, hopefully it will be implemented some day :crossed_fingers:

Thanks again :+1: