Image Compression - Emmanuel Katto

Hi All, I am Emmanuel Katto. I have a website which is hosted on Kinsta. I want to compress the images of my products listed on website. I’ve used recommended settings but want to know is there any plugin available for the same or tool?

Please let me know.

Emmanuel Katto

Hi @emmanuelkattouganda - I recently started using this tool (wordpress plugin) -

Hi @emmanuelkattouganda ! :wave: Welcome to the Kinsta community.

Several different plugins can be used for this, or you can optimize them locally with an image-editing program before uploading them to a site.

In terms of plugins, Imagify, ShortPixel, Optimole, and WP Smush are all popular and effective for converting to WebP (or in some instances, AVIF).

For some of these plugins to work at Kinsta, they require an adjustment to be made to the Nginx configuration of the site. In those instances, please reach out to our support team to assist in getting those rules added.