Local Multisite new sites cannot be reached

I have a fresh install of Wordpress Multisite with local, staging, and live. All three are experiencing the same issue. This is a bare bones install with no additional plugins or themes. When I try adding a site to the network I get this “This site can’t be reached”. I have tried in all environments with the same issue.

I am running on Windows the latest software. Just installed yesterday. Has anyone else ran into this?

Hi @mwalcott, version 2.6.0 of DevKinsta has just been released which addresses some issues that were being experienced by Windows users. Can you please try again with the new version?

I just installed that. I will let you know if that solves the issue

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I am still getting the same issue. Do I need to delete that site and try creating it again?

Yes, you will need to try recreating it

Did that and still have the same issue.

Can you screenshot what you are seeing in the browser when you go to the site address? “This site can’t be reached” sounds more like a DNS/Network issue.

How would that be an issue locally though?

I clicked on run diagnostics and it cannot find anything. Is there something in the setup that I am missing. From all the docs I dont feel like I missed it but something is clearly going on.

The routing for your domains comes from your hosts file. If you get a DNS_PROBE error it means your local hosts file isn’t redirecting that domain to DevKinsta/docker correctly. I understand it better from that screenshot, though. Please give me some time to reproduce and let you know how to fix it.

By the way, are you able to reach the main domain? Not the subdomain but yoursite.local?

Yes that one loads just fine

Okay, I understand the issue here. It’s similar to what we went through [here].(Multisite domains not working)

So you will need to add your subdomains to your hosts file manually in order for the DNS to route. We have a guide here with instructions for Windows and Mac: How to Edit Your Hosts File - Preview Site Before Updating DNS

Basically, you just need to find the lines that coincide with your multisite multisite.local www.multisite.local
::1 multisite.local
::1 www.multisite.local

Then add your subdomain beneath: multisite.local www.multisite.local subdomain.multisite.local
::1 multisite.local
::1 www.multisite.local
::1 subdomain.multisite.local

After saving you should be able to navigate to that subdomain.

Sorry, I completely forgot about this aspect and was concentrating on the database issues. I have brought this to our developers’ attention again because it’s not really a smooth process. I’m hoping we can get it automated/simplified.

Yes that was the issue. Thank you for saving me a headache. Its not problem I am getting a team involved to help with websites so hopefully these issues are taken of. I appreciate you being so responsive though. So far my experience has been great with Kinsta

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You’re very welcome, @mwalcott!

Do you have an ETA on when this will be fixed. I just created another website and still have the same issue

Hi @mwalcott, I did discuss this with our developers and we at least have an article for this now: How To Run a Multisite in DevKinsta With Subdomains

This would be a brand new feature so it would have to be released alongside one of the upcoming major releases once our devs have it coded and tested.

The goal is to add a feature similar to what we have in MyKinsta for adding domains so you won’t have to manually edit the hosts file each time. I’ll reach out to you if I receive an ETA or when this is addressed.

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