MKLINK putting my child theme doesn't show in WordPress Local

I was doing the same thing I did when I was working with Local. Though when I did a mklink, I can go to explorer and see the folder is there, the files, etc. Though when I go to activate the theme within the WordPress installation it doesn’t show at all.

wp-content > themes > folder is there. All required files (works on a production environment just fine) It’s in this location using a mklink junction.

Does not see it at all and thus I’m not able to work on my folders.

I have a multiple step build process setup so just dumping all my folders into the WordPress installation is messy, am I missing something here or does KinstaDev not support this yet?

Welcome to DevKinsta @Andrew_Fair ! We’re glad you’re here. I’m afraid at this time MKLINK and symbolic links are not currently supported. We do welcome feedback though! Apologies again!

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