Multisite Subdomain site URL settings in local are being pushed to staging

What is going on with this? In order for Multisite to work locally I need to update all of the site urls for each subdomain in the site settings within wp-admin. This works - albeit super annoying to have to do every single time I try to pull from the live site which is in-fact not a pull and just deleting everything and starting fresh… However when pushing to staging after making my necessary code changes my site url settings seem to also be sent up the chain to staging redirecting anyone trying to access a subdomain to the mysite.local url. No one at support within Kinsta seems to be very helpful with this issue.

Hi @ekline . Thank you again for posting here! I see that you’ve added this in the past as a feature request here. I understand my colleague John has helped resolve the issue that was occurring on your site. While our Search and Replace does work on the database, it does not replace strings contained in files such as wp-config.php file. In this instance here, the multisite URL was contained within the wp-config.php file.

I’m afraid at this time push and pulls from DevKinsta do not edit the wp-config.php. The same occurs within Kinsta itself as well when pushing Staging to Live.

John and I have notified the developers of this request for review. Thank you again for using DevKinsta!

Ah! Yeah, John was great last night in helping figure out what happened. This is such an inconvenient workflow, unfortunately, when making updates locally and trying to push those live. So many steps that could go wrong with multiple developers working on the same site and needing to make sure everyone’s databases are the same. It’s too bad! I really enjoyed the simplicity. I think I may need to look for another solution until you guys add the feature to push updates without pushing the database!