Problem installing plugins

Hello, we are trying to install a template that need to be customize for a customer, but the while installing the plugins we are getting an errors as you can see from these images.

Please help!

I think this is cause by general issue in DevKinsta, where their nginx instance is not allowing loopback calls or something like that. Wasn’t really checking it.

You can install all your plugins manually.
Plugins are located in your plugin folder in plugins_required directory.

You can do Plugins >> Add New >> Upload Plugin.
Should work in same way.


Welcome to DevKinsta @StudioAkua ! I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble. For the time being, it may be best to manually install the plugin as @nemanjac suggested. You can find the zip file in your /wp-content/themes/nerduck/plugins_required/ directory. Obtain the zip file and upload it manually.

We have this listed as a bug to resolve. Again I’m very sorry for the trouble there.

Thanks Michael!

Actually I am quite surprise that a such important detail wasn’t checked by the development team. Any template or functionality on WordPress works with plugins and installation process should be as simple as it is on the live WP site … event if the installation is in local.

Anyway I did copy manually the plugins in the folder but I am still having problem (check out the images attached). You guys should take example from applications like MAMP that work perfectly and seamlessly with WP, Templates and all assets required.

I agree. Normally this is the case. What’s happening here is that the plugin is being installed from within the same site and not externally like it would from the standard WordPress plugin library. You’ll see that it’s downloading the plugin internally, and not externally, thus the error.

As for the new error occurring, it’s indicating that the directory already exists. Try deleting it manually from your file structure then installing it again. This would occur on a live WordPress site as well unfortunately.

We appreciate the feedback and apologize again for the trouble.

Hello Michael, unfortunately after several try I have to say that DevKinsta is not working loading existing template.

My experience with this: after eliminating manually the plugin as you suggested, I was able to activate all plugins, however all demo content wasn’t loaded and the template wasn’t functioning at all.

I tried with other templates that included plugins, and the result was the same.
Here following you have a link to the template I tested … maybe you have better luck!

Let me know.
Max Salmi

Hey Max,
I’m afraid I’m not super familiar with that template. I did install the theme and the required plugins for it and it appeared to work but not sure how the demo content is loaded. That may be something the theme developers are more familiar with on how it loads.

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