Requirements to run Devkinsta on Linux?

Hi, Before I waste too much time trying to get this to work …

Can you tell me if I should be able to run multiple DevKinsta instances on Linux, each under their own userid? So I have userid project1 with Devkinsta having the project1 site then userid project2 etc etc

I’ve tried but can only seem to get DevKinsta to work properly under a single Admin account.
I can install under a non admin account ( project1 ) and I’ve added the docker group to that ID. But things don’t work properly.
Creating new sites fails with DB connection errors.
Importing a Kinsta site says it works ( albeit it still does not use the PHP level set on Kinsta ) but the site refuses to actually run - giving 404 and 403s for the home page and wp-admin.

So should this scenario work? Or am I stuck just using a single userid?

Using Linux Mint 20.3 and DevKinsta 2.4.1


I deleted Devkinsta from both userids. Reinstalled under the Project account ( non admin ) and this now works ok.
However I can’t get DevKinsta to work correctly on a second userid, so seems we are limited ro a single instance of DevKinsta even on Linux.


Thanks for the update @alanj . Yes, a coworker tested the same process and ended up with the same dilemma. Please feel free to submit this as a feature request, or if you have some time, mention it in our survey.

Added and Survey done too.

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