Stuck on Push changes to Kinsta

I started a “Push site” to a staging environment on Kinsta when I experience an unexpected power outage. After powering back on, devKinsta is still uploading trying to upload the site 0%. I am unable to cancel, delete or reset as all relevant buttons are greyed out.

Now after:

  1. restarting computer multiple times
  2. Uninstalled and reinstalled devKinsta

The issue still persists

Any ideas on how to reset, perhaps one of the cache?
Bonus if I can salvage the local site(not a big deal as I restored and got another local environment back from staging)

Extra info:
DevKinsta Version

OS Version
Windows 10 Pro 21H1 19043.1526

Docker Version

Were any error codes or messages observed?

Hi @Nicholas_Lim, welcome to DevKinsta!

Since it’s getting stuck on “Enabling maintenance” there is a chance that it is actually running into an issue in MyKinsta/Staging. Can you please direct message the staging URL to me so I can check?

You can also message your main.log file to me. It is under Help and Support > Reveal log file…

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