Trying to deploy Trellis to Kinsta staging

Here is where I am at the moment;

I created my whole wordpress site using the stack.

I am now trying to run:

ansible-playbook --verbose deploy.yml -e env=staging -e site=kobol.test --limit=kinsta_staging

But i got this error:

/www/<my_site>/public/current exists but is not a symbolic link

I’ve tried to ssh into my Kinsta staging and create the symlink

ln -s /www/<my_site>/public/current/

But here is the error I got

ln: failed to create symbolic link ‘./current’: File exists

I’m left in the dark here, any ideas are more than welcome :slight_smile:

For anybody that could find this useful, the team at Roots told me I just needed to delete the “current” folder.
That did sort things out !

Hi @Fabien_Campana, welcome!

Thank you for the information on Trellis and your experience with it! I’m sure this will be helpful to someone else in the future.

Our forum here is specifically for DevKinsta and it as a local environment.

We do have a blog post here that applies to our live and staging environments.
If you would like, add a comment there and have a look in case you run into other questions about that type of deployment such as adding our MU plugin for your site.


Hey David, I’ll make a full reply to this post once I’ve got everything up and running, in case it helps any new user in the future.