Using WP CLI - what is devkinsta_fpm?

Hey all,
looking to win the dumb question of the week prize here, I guess, but to me the documentation on how to use WP CLI with DevKinsta is just outstandingly unhelpful: what on god’s green earth is the devkinsta_fpm container, into which I’m supposed to enter some docker commands?
It’s probably neither my usual Shell (entering the command here yanks me into where- or whatever www-data@85889d576683:/www/kinsta$ is) nor the Terminal for devkinsta_fpm inside the Docker app (which just states /bin/sh: 1: docker: not found after the command).

Thanks for any insight into what must be very obvious, since I can’t find any explanation whatsoever.

Found it.
By entering docker exec -u www-data -it devkinsta_fpm bash into the OS Shell one is entered into the Docker container, and the www bit of cd /www/kinsta/public/siteName has to do with server/Docker things and does not exist in the real OS filesystem.

It’s probably the Container thingy that threw me off here; as a user of MAMP Pro, the newer «lightning» LocalWP builds and currently Laravel Valet this is an additional complication.

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