WP CLI Support on DevKinsta

Would be really awesome to have one-click ssh access to the site wp cli.


Thank you @Krishna, this feature is already on our roadmap. :slight_smile:

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Support this 100%! I really like the way this works on some other local dev platforms.

Is the roadmap public?

@danemorgan We don’t have a public roadmap but we’re definitely considering this feature!

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I just wanted to chime in and mention that you can setup a wp-cli alias to get a sort of similar experience:

$ wp cli alias add dev --ssh="docker:www-data@devkinsta_fpm/www/kinsta/public/{YOUR_SITE_NAME}"

With this you you can run wp cli scripts from your local environment against the docker container:

$ wp @dev plugin list

You can read more about adding aliases here: wp cli alias add | WP-CLI Command | WordPress Developer Resources

@michael maybe this can be part of the documentation as well? It is, in my opinion, a better approach than what e.g. Local uses where they use my local shell and tries to override $PATH, that collide with my own setup.

Hi @Adam_Bergman. Thank you for your contribution here! I’ll speak with the team here on that.