Best practice for setting up staging for a live WooCommerce site without maintenance mode?

Hey chaps!

Wondering if someone could point me in the right direction or just point and laugh. I’ve got a live WooCommerce site that I’ve been pushing code to for like a year now because I’m a total monster. I’ve given myself a thorough telling off and resolved to set up a proper local/staging/live process using DevKinsta. I’m in recovery, guys.

One question I have is how to deal with the database of live orders. Kinsta’s guides suggested that the live site be put into maintenance mode, but I’d prefer to avoid downtime on the live site. Ideally pushing and pulling could be done willy-nilly without affecting orders. Does anyone have a nice solution for this?

Am I being an idiot thinking this should be simple? Advice and/or insults welcome :+1:


Hi @gruffvaughan, welcome to DevKinsta!

What sort of changes are you making to the site? Are they purely code changes? I ask because if that’s the case, you can Push just the files from Staging to Live and leave the Live database unchanged.

Things become more complicated if you are also making database changes and are hoping to merge development’s database with Live’s with no downtime.

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