DevKinsta Workflow Security


I’ve been using DevKinsta since its launch, and have found it to be an incredible tool which has improved my workflow considerably. Here is how I work:

I work locally, I push to staging when ready for review, upon sign-off I push to live and then delete my staging server. When new change requests come in, I setup a staging site from live, then pull that to my local machine and repeat the steps prior that I noted.

For context, I am a designer and front-end developer, who focuses on small, marketing style websites for clients typically in the industries of DTC or hospitality. I am aware of my skill-set limitations which is why devkinsta has been so helpful to me. (I’m not interested in becoming a back-end developer)

Recently, I’ve been working on a website for a client who owns a tech start-up. This individual is a software engineer and has flagged the workflow of DevKinsta to me, and I would like the input of other professionals who perhaps have the vocabulary that I do not.

Here was the issue he has flagged.

  1. Why would we override production database records with that from dev?

  2. Pushing data from dev to production is flawed and incredibly bad practice from a software life cycle perspective.

Can someone who is more versed in back-end terminology back the way Kinsta handles their workflow so I can better educate my client? OR, is there something genuinely flawed in my workflow that I am not considering?

Any guidance or feedback would greatly be appreciated.

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