Cancelled during site setup, now can't do anything with the install

During the initial set up for a site, I cancelled because I saw that DevKinsta chose the local folder to put all the files in. I didn’t want it where it had chosen (later have learned that simply isn’t an option for some reason). Now that I have cancelled, it is simply stuck at this screen: Image 2022-07-19 at 2.06.51 PM

Hi @sccr410, welcome to DevKinsta!

So what happens when you click “Retry” there? Or is it just completely stuck? Site files have to be saved in a local directory but there is a plan to eventually change that to improve Windows/Mac performance.

If it’s just a stuck operation, I’ve explained how to manually unlock it here

If this is the only/first site, then it might be best just to do a full uninstallation/cleanup of Docker to reset things: Uninstall DevKinsta

By the way, you can change the “Site Path” in the DevKinsta settings to choose where your files go

Did find the site files part, thanks. I was assuming it would be on a per-site basis which is why I wasn’t finding it.

For the stuck operation, nothing would happen when I clicked Retry. The article you linked says " You’ll need to find DevKinsta’s config.json file then delete the stuck operation". Where do I find this file?

I created a second install that is working just fine so I will just leave this one as a phantom project for now.

It will be User/Library/Application Support/DevKinsta on Mac and either * /opt/DevKinsta or
~/.config/DevKinsta if you’re on Linux. The Uninstall DevKinsta instructions list the directories for each system where the app files are kept towards the bottom.

Thanks for sharing this, though! I’m able to fully cancel without issue but I’ll definitely keep an eye out for similar occurrences.

Please let me know if you run into issues if you decide to manually clear/stop that operation. It seems like it just cancelled/stopped in a weird place.