Cannot import a zip

Hi @cliff!

Thank you for your reply, and for providing those screenshots. Removing just the containers (not the volumes) should not result in data loss. The database data is stored in the devkinsta_db_data volume. That volume can continue to exist even after the containers are removed, and upon creation of the new containers those volumes can be used.

The containers should be stopped however before they are removed. DevKinsta upon being closed will continue to run in the background to make it quicker to start up in the future. To fully shutdown DevKinsta you may locate the DevKinsta icon in the top status bar, right click it, and then choose to quit DevKinsta. That will then allow you to fully shutdown the application.

Once DevKinsta has been shutdown you can confirm the containers have been stopped in the Docker Desktop dashboard. Once you have confirmed they are stopped you may select the DevKinsta related containers and choose to delete them. This again should only remove the containers while leaving the volumes and site files in place.

Upon launching DevKinsta the containers should be recreated. You may then attempt to import your backup again.

Please let us know if you need any assistance with these steps. Also, please do let us know if this has helped at all in regards to being able to import your .zip backup.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Best regards