Downloading from Kinsta error

We are creating an ENV on DevKinsta for a kinsta site and it starts to download and completes the download and then we receive an error message DK0038 for WP config not having correct configurations.

I have done this with another Kinsta site and this is fine but on a site that is 24gb in size this seems to error after a long download process due to size.

Does any one have any recommendations on how to resolve this?

Hello there @bamboosupport :wave: and welcome to DevKinsta Community!

Yeah, based on the error code mentioned here , that DK0038 error occurs when the wp-config.php file is missing or misconfigured.

If you have done this with another Kinsta site (which is not so big in size) and that worked fine (could be imported just fine from your MyKinsta account to your DevKinsta), but not on a site that is 24GB in size (and that seems to error after along download process due to size - which I would suspect the same, due to the timed out during the Rsync process when transferring files or data to your local computer), then as a workaround/recommendation, perhaps you may want to try the manual method to import a backup (from the downloadable backup) as shown here , and see if that method will work for you.


Hi Angus

Thank you for your reply. I did take a download back up from mykinsta of the site and loaded into devkinsta and had the same result and error code with the wp-config file.

This doesn’t occur on smaller sites which is odd

Can we have the domain of the Kinsta environment you’re copying from, so we can have a look at the existing wp-config.php there? Or a link to the MyKinsta URL for the environment, so we know which container to look at? You can also DM this to myself if you’re not comfortable posting the information publicly.