Clone Existing Site from DevKinsta (not staging or live)

If this is not already a thing I can’t seem to find, I’d like to request the ability to clone/duplicate a local DevKinsta site with a core set of plugins before customizing it for clients.


Thank you for the feature request @heather !

it would be very useful to be able to duplicate the installation of a site already present in devKinsta.

Useful for at least two reasons:

  • Duplicate the installation for testing and not compromise the main project being developed.
  • Use an installation as a Master package to duplicate and use as a basis for multiple projects.

Thank you

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That’s a great idea, @WoodyP !

Thanks, especially very helpful :wink:

+1 for being able to clone/duplicate

Please add this feature!


I’d like to know where you are on this. It’s a key part of my development process and it would be more convenient to have it with Kinsta than with another vendor. Plugins tend to time out or require workarounds.

Hello @fishtahoe (Todd) :wave: , welcome to DevKinsta community!

This feature (Cloning existing DevKinsta sites) has still been being worked on by our internal developers, and they have planned to implement it in the next release of DevKinsta (hopefully in the next few months) :crossed_fingers: but we can’t tell the ETA for that.
Once that feature is available in the new DevKinsta version, we will surely post it our our forum thread :smiley: