Make dupe of a DevKinsta site

I have a DevKinsta site enabled on my Mac. It works great. I’d like to be able to quickly make a duplicate of an entire DevKinsta site with its Kadence theme and crop of plugins. This would be convenient “starter” site for new projects. Is there a way to easily do this? (I can’t find any instructions to this on Kinsta FAQs)

Hello there @DHML66 ( Hoag ) :wave:

Thank you for reaching us out!
That’s great idea/feature indeed (similar to the one we have in MyKinsta to clone from the existing/base site ). This site clone feature however is not available in DevKinsta tool currently, but we will submit a feature request for this to our internal dev team if they can consider this feature in the future release (though we can’t tell when it will be implemented) :slight_smile:

In the meantime, I think I have a workaround to easily do this. If you have MyKinsta account and have more slot there to create a new site, I would suggest the following:

  1. Login to your MyKinsta control panel and there create new WordPress site (as a base site), install its Kadence theme and the necessary plugins in that WP site.
  2. Create a downloadable backup of that new base site you just created in your MyKinsta.
  3. Once ready, you can download and save that .zip backup file to your local computer.
  4. On your DevKinsta, click the “Add site” button and choose “Custom site → Import backup” and fill all the necessary fields there, and on the “BACKUP/Backup Location” section, you can browse your local computer to load the .zip backup file that you saved/downloaded from your MyKinsta as mentioned above.
    You can also check this knowledge base article: Create a Site From a Backup in DevKinsta
  5. Done (you may now access that new site on your local computer/browser and work on its site’s contents, etc.)
  6. You can repeat the step 4 above to create another local site (different name/domain name, but the same WP based contents/plugins/theme).

You may also then delete the new site (base site) you just created in your MyKinsta to free up the sites slot there (as you also have downloaded the .zip backup file of it to your local computer, that you can use to import to DevKinsta to create new/duplicate site(s) ).

Hope that helps!