Deploys Sucessfully but not using latest push commits

HI, I have sucessfully deployed a static site, consisting of just some plain html, css, js and image files. No Node, no build process.

However when trying deploying again after commiting changes (git shows all changes have been pushed to github), the deployment process will deploy the same commit version as was already installed previously and not the latest commit.

If i delete the site from Kinsta dashboard and redeploy again, the deploy process will fetch the latest commit version. However i cant keep deleting sites, every time if want to update the site.

thanks for any tips

Hey @Stevesweb :wave: Welcome to Kinsta Community!
While we look at this on our side can you please tell if you are clicking the Deploy Now button or the Redeploy button? The latest will redeploy the latest deployment or the one you are currently viewing on the page.


Wow thanks Alessandro!
that was exactly my issue, i didnt pick up on the difference between redeploy and deploy
A “deploy” did infact sort my issue and im seeing my latest commits on my website.
User Error this end!
Thankyou for your wisdom!

You are very welcome @Stevesweb, glad to be of help!


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