DevKinsta CLI integration


My development flow requires that I make a certain change before pushing to staging. (I need to update a “cachebuster” parameter)

There are two ways that I could do this:

  1. If DevKinsta has a CLI integration, I can simply write a script that performs my pre-push actions and then triggers the push to staging with the CLI command.
  2. If DevKinsta has some kind of a “hook” architecture, I can use the DevKinsta Electron (GUI) app to initiate the push to staging. The “hook” would call my script which would perform pre-push actions before pushing to staging.

Are either of these abilities available? Or, is there another approach to performing pre-push tasks?

Hi @rinogo, welcome to DevKinsta!

We unfortunately do not have a dedicated CLI, however, you can access the CLI through Docker to perform your actions. There’s just currently no way to trigger the push to staging from the CLI.

I definitely see the need for a CLI/hooks so please feel free to submit this as a feature request for our devs! They are actively working to make DevKinsta as developer-friendly as possible and I think this would be a great addition.

Hi, @Kevin! Thanks for your prompt response!

You mentioned accessing via Docker - is there a way to push to staging once connected to a Docker CLI session?

No unfortunately, not. The push can currently only be triggered by the app UI. The Push process is essentially a mysqldump followed by an rsync to the Staging site. You could technically write a script that does this but it wouldn’t trigger the backup/maintenance mode that an “official” push does.

Bummer. Thanks for your excellent and thorough response, though! :raised_hands:

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