DevKinsta site at a Subdomain?

I need to create a subdomain website with DevKinsta:

  • Site address will be something like

  • This is not a MultiSite (just a single-site WordPress)

  • The site will be hosted at Kinsta


  1. What are the correct/complete DevKinsta settings required for the above?

  2. Do any deployment or management processes (DevKinsta, MyKinsta, etc) change to achieve the subdomain-based setup described above?

Turns out that this is much easier than I expected, as no special settings are required in DevKinsta. All I did was provide the usual settings values.

As long as the target site on Kinsta has a primary domain/address that includes the subdomain I need, push to Staging works as advertised.

Hi @gilad! Welcome back to the Kinsta community forums!

I am glad to hear that you were able to accomplish this! If you do have any further questions please don’t hesitate to reply. We are always happy to help!

Best regards