Basic DevKinsta upload and DNS redirect questions

I’m an established Kinsta hosting customer. I’ve downloaded DevKinsta to my Mac. I have a website currently hosted on Earthlink with its DNS redirected from my domain account on NetworkSolutions. My intention is to build a new version of the Earthlink site on DevKinsta, they upload that new site to Kinsta hosting and redirect the NetworkSolutions file to that new Kinsta-hosted site. My questions: 1.) When I create the new local Wordpress site in DevKinsta can I name it anything and then change its final name to the earthlink domain name when I get to the upload-to-Kinsta stage? Or is there a benefit or disadvantage to naming it the final domain name from the start on DevKinsta? 2.) Later, when I get ready to upload the new site to Kinsta do I have to take steps within my Kinsta dashboard to create a new hosting space for that upload before I actually do the upload? 3.) Once the new site has been uploaded to Kinsta, is its admin credentials the same as they were on the local DevKinsta version?

Hi @DHML66, welcome to the DevKinsta community!

  1. The domain name can be changed any time after you’ve pushed the site to a Kinsta staging environment. You won’t be tied to using a specific domain on any site here.
    You can learn more about adding domains to a MyKinsta site here.

  2. This ties into part of #1 as well. Before pushing a site from DevKinsta to MyKinsta’s staging environment, the site must already exist in MyKinsta.
    That is where you’ll determine what the site’s name will be (not domain, just the site/display name).

The basic flow would be:

Create a site in MyKinstaCreate a Staging environment for this site → Push the site from DevKinsta to MyKinsta and select the site you created in MyKinsta.

  1. The admin credentials will be the same as your local environment in DevKinsta. You can change these from the WordPress dashboard of the version in MyKinsta at any time, but pushing from DevKinsta to MyKinsta will override them.

I hope this helps! Let us know if you have any other questions.