DevKinsta tries to install WSL2 on Windows LTSC

I am trying to install on my Windows 10 version info here.
The installer tries to install WS2 on my system but it is compatible because I am using LTSC. LTSC only supports WS1 as of now.
The installer gets stuck at restart to install, but nothing happens after the restart.

Welcome to @black to DevKinsta!

I believe for LTSC you’ll need to manually install the update the package. I found this guide here that might help and below there’s an additional guide there on going from WSL1 to WSL2. Let me know if that helps.

I am not sure I understand correctly.
I already have WSL1 installed. WSL2 is incompatible for LTSC.
I can not upgrade to WS2 without upgrading my OS(leaving LTSC, which I do not want to).

Oh! I’m sorry about that. I’m afraid WSL2 is required for DevKinsta. Apologies for that and will be sure our documentation better reflects that.

We haven’t heard back from you on this topic in a while. However, if you do need further assistance you can simply start a new conversation. Thank you again for using DevKinsta. Let us know if you need further assistance! :wave: