Getting windows 10 for devkinsta


I’m trying to install DevKinsta on my Windows 10 Home machine.

Based on the instructions on Install WSL on Windows 10 | Microsoft Docs, I have completed up to step 5.

Am I supposed to perform step 6 as well? If yes, which do I choose?

Hi @jacksheo ! Welcome to DevKinsta. That’s correct, Step 6 is indeed required here. I don’t think this step matters as much :thinking: but safe to go with Ubuntu here.

I have completed all 6 steps but still getting the DK0003 error.

WSL2 already enabled.

Any other suggestions?

DK0003 error indicates that Docker was unable to be installed. Could you install it manually please?

Managed to get DevKinsta to finish the installation after manually installing docker by following the link below:

Thanks Michael!

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