DevKinsta's Maintenance Mode Page

Hi there,

When pushing a site from DevKinsta to Kinsta, the maintenance mode is enabled in Kinsta with a nice Kinsta branded page.

I want to manually enable this maintenance mode (page) directly on a Kinsta site, without having to push it from DevKinsta. I contacted Kinsta Support, but they couldn’t tell me how to do this and forwarded me to the community.

Does someone know how to achieve this?

Hi @jarno, thanks for reaching out!
That maintenance page is actual built into our internal API. There’s currently no way for you to manually enable it but if that’s a feature you are interesting in, I can definitely submit a feature request for you!

Hi @Kevin, thanks for your reply. That’s definitely something I’m interested in :slight_smile:

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Perfect! I’ve submitted a feature request and linked it to this conversation. Thanks for the suggestion!