DevKinsta CLI - customize your DevKinsta with ease

Adds missing functionality and options to the DevKinsta application.

Keep in mind that using any of these commands might break your setup. This project is not related to Kinsta in any way, and there are no guarantees about the result.

It is still a work in progress.
The next feature I’m working on is a complete backup of your DevKinsta setup and website backup.


This is fantastic @nemanjac ! Well done! :clap:

Great work, @nemanjac !
I’ve also created a small set of shell tools for DevKinsta here: GitHub - stracker-phil/devkinsta-tools: Tools to enhance DevKinsta

You are welcome to copy/integrate any of those tools to your library (I like your approach better than my script collection). E.g. php:xdebug on / site:backup mysite / site:cron mysite now might be good additions.

Thank you for sharing and suggestions.

Yes, I had an idea to add the xdebug, just a bit more “complex” implementation, where it can create configuration files for the PHPStorm (to start with) and other popular IDEs too in time.

I will take a look into your scripts and work on xdebug implementation hopefully this week.

Also, any suggestions might be posted at github issues:

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