DK003-Couldn't Install Docker (on mac os)

I tried installing DevKinsta on a Mac running Big Sur (11.1 (20C69))

no love.

I got the "DK003-Couldn’t Install Docker. window.

Please advise…

Hi @kadso. Thanks for reaching out and welcome to DevKinsta. Sorry for the the trouble you’re experiencing there. Could you try manually installing Docker Desktop for Mac here and let me know how that goes?

Hi Michael,

Well I progressed to "DK0031 “port 80 or 443 is used” in an environment that had Docker Desktop running before I started up DevKinsta.

So I tried to start DevKinsta with Docker Desktop shut down.

And came to the same place.


Hi again,

If it helps the activity monitor app has the following app using port 80.


port 443 does not show on the activity monitor app’s list

I’m glad you were able to get Docker installed. As for the port issues, there’s a possible solution posted here. Let me know if that helps. There’s also a feature request to be able to change these ports.