DevKinsta stalls on install

On macOS Monterey 12.6

I had installed DevKinsta and have been using it for a couple weeks now. I made the mistake of letting Docker upgrade earlier this morning and haven’t had a working local site since.

I have fully deleted and re-installed docker and devkinsta multiple times. Every time, it says it is starting docker, I can see docker starting, but then when docker is started, devkinsta fails to resume creating the infra.

Hi @hawaii-aloha, thanks for reaching out. We have a thread going here: Keep getting DK0006 Error when trying to install DevKinsta

Are the errors that you are seeing similar to those? Something about the latest Docker seems to be causing this. I’ll keep asking our devs if they can try reproducing this at all.

Hey @Kevin , you’ve probably discovered this already, but I can confirm the defect was introduced in Docker Desktop 4.13. I rolled back to 4.10.1 and re-install went fine.

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Thanks for the update @hawaii-aloha! I’m glad downgrading worked for you! Thanks for sharing that in the other thread!

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