DK0033 error on Mac new installation

I keep getting the “Can’t connect to database error” at 49% with DevKinsta 2.30 on OS 11.6.1. I’ve tried deleting DevKinsta_db, renaming the site, and uninstalling and reinstalling. What else can I try?

Hi @daviducko ! Welcome to DevKinsta. I’m happy to help! Do you see five containers like this on Docker? Do all of them show running?

Yes, all of these are running during the installation.

Would you happen to have any apps running that could be blocking it? Would you mind sending privately messaging me on the forums with your /Users/{yourUserName}/Library/Logs/DevKinsta/main.log file?

I have a couple of apps that might (Block Block. Lulu), but I disabled them and obtained the same error.

I disabled both Block Block and Lulu, deleted the db files in Docker, quit, and restarted DevKinsta. It completed the installation!

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