How do you stop and start websites?

How do you stop and start websites inside DevKinsta?
Why is there no way to see the sites current status?

I need to stop/start a site to fix some issues.
I also have numerous local test sites but typically only want one of them running at any time.


Hi @alanj, welcome to DevKinsta!
All of your sites within DevKinsta will run on the same Docker containers. If you are looking to restart php-fpm, nginx or the database you would need to open Docker and restart from there:

The sites are not within separate containers. You’re free to create a Feature Request, though if you want us to build in a way to selectively disable sites. Right now you would have to just make backups/delete the site then recreate/restore the site from your backup later.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Ok Thanks.
I see there is already a request in there for this, but it seems to be talked down.

I think I understand your request. A feature that would basically just “pause” your site and make it inaccessible until you “start” it again. I’m going to communicate this to our developers because it makes sense and shouldn’t affect performance as much as the current feature request.

Yep that would be fine.

I am used to using WPLocal ( aka flywheel ) which has simple controls to start and stop any site individually. I tend to create many sites so that I can test specific plugins or techniques in a clean environment. There is no need to keep all of these running esp as they tend to be similary named e.g. testsite1, testsite2, testsite3 … ( I know thats my fault but hard habbit to break )


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Hi @alanj, just letting you know that the newest version of DevKinsta now allows you to Stop/Start websites. Thank you for the request: DevKinsta Releases (Minor) - #12 by Kevin

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