Shut down each individual site

Right now I can’t shut down a single site, I can have either all of the sites running, or close DK so it will display me a message “close and shutdown all the sites”.

I want to be able to shutdown site1, while site2 is still running, or having all sites shutdown while DK is running.

You can add a new option in a dropdown on all Sites screen, above the Delete button.

Thank you for the feature request @slaFFik ! Great suggestion. Are you experiencing any issues with sites that are enabled that would require specific sites to be disabled? Would love to hear more about your use case for disabling sites. :slight_smile:

Hi Slava,

If it’s from a performance concern, all sites run out of the same docker container, so there’s no real way to just stop that site from using resources as it wouldn’t use any except when visited.

Stopping DevKinsta and then Docker desktop would stop all resource usage if that’s a concern.


Thanks for explanation about the performance part.

Then it goes down to the personal preference. For you keeping it as is means less features to support, and I’m fine with that.

As the tld can’t be changed right now, there are no other meaningful reasons to shutdown one site and not the other.

Please add an option to start or stop a website running in the background so that we can avoid the unnecessary consumption of resources. Currently, when we start DevKinsta, all websites added in it start running in the background, which consumes more PC resources.


Agreed, I have currently over 8 sites running at once and don’t have to have to delete any because some are very large and will take a while to pull again. Would be nice to be able to pause the websites but without the issues that Local has when doing so.

Thanks for the feedback and feature request @Andrew_Fair @thehungrybird ! One thing I do want to note here is that due to it running on Docker, the amount of sites installed on DevKinsta does not cause performance issues. All the sites are run within the Docker containers.

yes. I know it’s running inside a docker container but I noticed the consumption in resources increases when you’ve multiple websites running rather than a single website.

Yes, Vmmem was running over 4k MB’s last night, I ended up having to shut everything down and restart it. Though it standard runs at 2,034MB.

Though are you saying that if you do not have all 8 sites open in a browser that it doesn’t matter? Only whatever you are serving consumes resources and the rest are at rest?

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@Andrew_Fair All sites are run within the same FPM and MariaDB Docker containers thus more sites does not equal more resources being used. That’s correct that unless you have all 8 sites performing tasks at once and are open, performance shouldn’t be affected by the number of sites you have on DevKinsta.


I also would like to see the ability to control individual sites.
It’s not just about performance but also to avoid conflict and confusion by myself. Human performance you could say.
Basically I only want the site I am actively working on to be up and running.