Edit nginx_sites every time DevKinsta launches?

Hi there,

Ever since the recent update I have to update the nginx_sites files every time DevKinsta launches, as they seem to reset. This is getting annoying really fast! :sweat_smile:

Any chance we can revert back to not having to do this?


Hi @designlobby, thanks for reaching out, I believe it worked that way in the previous version as well. At least, as far as I know, DevKinsta always tries to โ€œresetโ€ the nginx configurations for each site when the app is restarted. It used to happen every time the nginx container was restarted.

I have mentioned this to our developers before, though, and they have been considering solutions. Iโ€™ll go ahead and bump our internal thread on the matter again.

Hey Kev, ok thanks. Maybe Iโ€™m misremembering, no problem! :sweat_smile:

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