How long to "Validating backup file" when creating a new site?

When creating a new site from a backup file it spins on the “Validating backup file” for hours and is still at 0%. Our backup file is ~62GB so I expect it to take a while. There have been no errors as of yet.

I was just curious if anyone successfully used this feature instead of Sync. If so, did it not show any % until after the Validation step?

I wanted to make sure our backup file can be used without internet before making changes to our site. Thank you

It ended up failing and still was at 0%, so I have my answer now. It took 3-4 hours, I wasn’t tracking it fully. The error was errors.WP_PARSE_CONFIG DK0081 when trying to manually import a site downloaded from My Kinsta - DevKinsta / Application Support - Kinsta Community
My next step will be to try to Manually Import a Backup in DevKinsta - Kinsta®

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