Imported Trellis multisite from Kinsta - site not working


I imported a multisite from Kinsta into DevKinsta, but when I access the local site it displays a page indicating an empty Kinsta site and if I try to access the admin it gives me a 404 page.

OS: Mac OS X 11.6
DevKinsta version: 2.2.0

The site:

What we did

  • Downloaded DevKinsta & installed it. Had to install Docker as a part of that.
  • Using DevKinsta, we selected the site to import from Kinsta, and after a long while it completed building the site.
  • We tried clicking on “Open site”, “Database Manager”, and “WP Admin”

What we expected to see

  • On “Open site” we expected to see a locally running version of our site.
  • On “WP Admin” we expected to see a locally running wordpress admin for our site.
  • On “Database Manager” we saw all the correct data fully imported. (yay!)

What we saw instead

  • After clicking “Open site” we saw a kinsta page that said “You’ve just created an empty site :wave:
  • After clicking “WP Admin” we get an nginx 404 Not Found error page.

Welcome to DevKinsta @bgolder ! While there are workarounds to make this work, officially I’m afraid the implementation of Bedrock & Trellis is not support by default with DevKinsta. You could edit the nginx configuration and customize the instance to work, but there are a few things to keep in mind, for example that restarting the container will erase those changes. I understand this is not ideal. We do have a feature request here though. If you’re interested in giving this a shot though, there’s a thread here that may be useful. Let me know if you have any questions on that!

I should clarify that we are trying to migrate the site from Bedrock & Trellis to DevKinsta. So if we can find a way to get it to work im DevKinsta but it no longer works with Trellis, that would be okay.

In order to migrate away from using Bedrock and Trellis, the entire folder structure would need to be converted into a standard WordPress install for it to work on DevKinsta. That would need to occur prior to using DevKinsta for it to function on DevKinsta. I hope that makes sense!

Thanks! That is helpful to know and explains why the site is not working!

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