Installation error DK0006

installation error, I can’t finish.
I’ve done it twice and nothing.

Hi @prisimoni . Could you tell me if Docker has been successfully installed? The error code indicates an issue with the Docker images. If so, you should see a few Docker images there. Here’s what mine looks like.

Não está instalado. Como devo corrigir?

I’m sorry I’m unable to provide support in Portuguese. I hope English is okay!
Before continuing, ensure you have the latest version of Docker by downloading it here. Next try completely uninstalling DevKinsta then re-installing it. Let me know if that helps.

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it didn’t work, I did as your guidance. The docker is not installing on my computer.

Could you tell me a bit more about the issues you’re seeing when downloading and installing Docker? Be sure you’re downloading from Docker from here as well.

hello, i have the same prob. Internet connection:ok, OS :ok, good dowloadlink Docker: Ok
But no DevKinsta boot… :frowning:
Install. desinstall, reinstall, reboot…
Win 10 64b

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Hi @Pierre_Staelens . Welcome to the DevKinsta community! What occurs when you launch DevKinsta? Are any errors shown?

yes, Installation error DK0006, same prob than priscilla
Just a little precision in case of: OS language: French Canadian

Thanks. Do you happen to any antivirus software that could potentially be blocking downloads? If restarting DevKinsta does not help, could you try restarting your computer as well?

So, i deactivate Antivir and reboot system and now new message:

so i check this. Probably because i have a core i7 vPro…

Hi @Pierre_Staelens . DevKinsta is having trouble connecting to the Docker API on your machine. Could you tell us the result of entering echo %DOCKER_SOCKET%?

So, i apllied the solution in the link in the post before, under windows task manager–>performance i activate virtualization, and i reboot system. I desinstall Kinsta and reinstall. Kinsta ask to install his virtual files Wpf2 (linux etc…), i do and restart. But noway. I decide to go to the bios (i know, i had to do this first… :upside_down_face: :neutral_face: ) and activate virtualization, and then reboot. Desinstall Kinsta and…reinstall. And…that works !!!(Docker too…) I precise, i deactivate antivirus all along the procedures time… So thank you for you help, hope that could be a good way for other people in the same case. :grinning: :mask:
Thx a lot

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I’m trying again with disabling antivirus

I did everything and now gave this error, DK 0003. I installed the docker again and deactivated the antivirus

@prisimoni Does DK0003 error still appear even with Docker installed?

I also got the DK0006 I tried to reinstall and switch off Bitdefender, even uninstalled it… nothing works.

Docker cant download images, the status is “No containers running”. The “getting started” also did not work…

I restarted, reset, switched from Linux to Windows and back… no Idea how to solve this…

Any suggestions?

Hi @tc27 - if I understand correctly, none of the images are being installed on your Docker? Could you elaborate on what you mean by switched from Linux to Windows and back? Could there be anything else running on your side that would be blocking Docker from downloading the images?

We haven’t heard back from you on this topic in a while. However, if you do need further assistance you can simply start a new conversation here on DevKinsta. Let us know if you need further assistance! :wave: