Keep DevKinsta window size after close

Hello !

Nothing much here but I’ve 50+ websites configured in DevKinsta and having to resize the (small) window each time I launch DevKinsta is frustrating a bit :wink:
(I’m on MacOS 12)

Hi @dw4y :wave:

Thank you for your feature request suggestion and feedback.
I will pass this on to our internal devs team and they may want to check/review it and see if it can be implemented in the future - though we can’t promise anything yet :smiley: (but when new feature(s) is/are available, we will announce it with the new DevKinsta version release )


Hello @Agus.
Just a bump for this “feature”, it’s still very frustrating.
The window should keep the size we are given to it through restarts.


Hey @dw4y

I did inform our internal devs team about this feature request as I mentioned couple months ago, but still no updates about it, and I’ve just updated them again just now. They will surely check and review the feature request, but again, we can’t promise anything about it yet (when new feature(s) will be available in the next DevKinsta release) :smiley:

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Thank you @Agus.
Still, this kind of feature is a basic one, that we should not “complain” about (as well as my other topic about sort and filter).
I’m puzzled about devKinsta now, using it for nearly a year, it evolves really slowly and miss basic functionnality or introduce major bugs (the last one was the auto update always activated).
Thx anyway for your time !

You’re always welcome :slight_smile:
Understood! and I do agree with you!
I’ve reported and updated them, but I can’t tell when this basic feature will be available/ready - and what I could do is to just pass on any feature requests and/or bug reports to them.

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Thank you @Agus for your report :slight_smile:

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