Cannot drag DevKinsta (MacOS)

Hi folks,

One thing that has become a little annoying is that I am unable to drag the DevKinsta application from one screen to another. For some reason it appears like a modal - locked into place.

Anyone know why this is? Can it be moved? Just seems an odd decision to prevent this basic behaviour of all windowed applications.

(MacOS Catalina, DevKinsta v2.1.0.)


Hey @paulg . Thanks for reaching out. I’m really sorry for the trouble here. I’ll be moving this thread over to Bugs category and have reached out to the developers here to take a closer look.

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Hi, I am running DevKinsta on my Macbook Pro for the first time. Actually, my Macbook is connected to two external displays. I noticed the DevKinsta window is stack to my Mac’s monitor and I can’t move it to any of the connected displays. Is this a bug or I am doing something wrong?

Welcome to DevKinsta @nick316i ! I’m very sorry for that. The development team is aware of the bug and working on a fix.

It’s possible to move the window by placing your mouse on the edge to get the resize handle and moving it in the opposite direction of the resize.
For example, put your mouse at the top and instead of resizing it down/up, move the mouse left/right and the window moves instead.

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@ ZagnaH Thanks mate … your trick works :grinning:

Hi @michael – any news on a fix for this? I’ve also been experiencing this bug.

Not yet I’m afraid @jamesgreenblue but the devs are indeed aware of the issue and will be providing a fix in the future.

Hi @jamesgreenblue :slight_smile: Did you see the workaround that @ZagnaH discovered?

It’s super easy and works with all apps on your Mac:

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Hi everyone! We’ve fixed this now in DevKinsta 2.2.0. Thank you for reporting this issue! Let me know if you need anything else. :+1:

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