Linking to staging site on kinsta - offline development

After downloading a copy of the staging site, I can’t seem to do offline development. could really use some advice on proper offline development configuration

Hi @DrByte, thanks for reaching out. Can you elaborate on what you mean by offline development?

Do you just mean getting your Staging site onto DevKinsta and still being able to access it without an internet connection?

Hi Kevin , thanks for your response, yes, I would like to develop and add content without an internet connection when necessary and push the changes to the staging site for final test before pushing changes to the live site. After installing devKinsta I imported
staging site from my Kinsta account and when I open it locally, it takes me to the staging site on the Kinsta servers and does not seem to be running locally. If I disable the internet connection and attempt to open the admin interface it does not load. Am I missing a critical step in the proper configuration of my computer or the application to allow offline development? Thanks so much for your input, I really appreciate it

You’re welcome, @DrByte!

So since your local site is redirecting to your staging, it sounds as if you still have settings in your wp-config.php file or in your database that still reference your staging domain. You might have to do some manual search and replacing.

Can you private message your Staging URL to me? I can at least check that to see if any issues stick out.

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Is there a solution for offline developing?

There’s no solution yet @schwarzpunkt, but I will point out that the sites created within DevKinsta are usually accessible with just Docker started when offline. But no, the DevKinsta application still requires the initial connection check in order to start. This is something we are working on and will release an update in the future that addresses this and other needs that offline developers may have.

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