NGINX Rewrite Rules

On occasion, it is necessary to have NGINX Rewrite rules available for plugins on staging/production. If you are not full testing a feature that requires these rules while in local development, like submitting a sitemap via a plugin for example, is it necessary to add these rules in the Docker environment? Does pushing from local to staging and then production change that rewrite rule if it is already present on my the server for my site on Kinsta?

Welcome to DevKinsta @Eileen ! Good questions. Pulling and pushing from Kinsta does not also gather the nginx rules from either party. You can include the custom rules on your local environment but nginx changes will revert on restarting the container so it may not work well for you.

As you noted in the link, there is a feature request to make it easier to update nginx settings and make them persistent. No updates on that at the moment but do feel free to comment on the thread that you wish for this feature to be available too!