Oxygen Builder Fatal Error

Fatal error : Out of memory (allocated 10240000) (tried to allocate 6045696 bytes) in /www/kinsta/public/copyritecoverbandcomau/wp-content/plugins/oxygen/component-framework/oxygen-main-template.php on line 256

I get this when I try and load the Oxygen Builder.
I noriced there was a post about this some time ago and has since been closed, but there was no resolution in that thread.

I have looked into the server etc and it is set to 256m
I tried to increase the size in wp-config but that did not work.

Oxygen builder works just fine on other servers so it is absolutely a dev kinsta issue.
and i would have thought that since Jan 25 it would have been fixed.
Micheal ( Kinsta Staff ) mentioned you were working on increasing default memory limit on Jan 26 and it clearly has not been done?

Can you please let me know what I need to do to fix this…
I tried everything from the other post to no avail

I’m getting the same error when trying to activate Amalia WP plugin in a fresh wp install. Trying to increase the memory doesn’t help either…

I came across this thread and increased the memory limit to 1024M which worked out:

Welcome to DevKinsta @adamk22 and @visualvoodoostudios ! While you could increase it to more than 256MB, requiring more than 256MB likely indicates an issue on the site that I believe should be investigated. It’s extremely rare to need more than 256MB. That being said, the guide @adamk22 posted earlier provides instructions on how to increase it. I’d start with 512MB and go up from there if more is needed.

Thank you @michael, FYI in my case it happened on a brand new site i just generated using devkinsta, no plugins or theme’s whatsoever.

@adamk22 yeah, from your post there it says it only tried to allocate 5152768 bytes which is not much at all. :thinking: Strange