Password maximum length?

When I try to add a new site with a password 50 characters long I am unable to login to the wp-admin.

When I tried it with 40 characters it worked though

Is there a limit to the number of characters for a password when creating a site?

I tried it multiple times because each time I tried to login to my new site it said the username and password were incorrect

When I changed the password length to 40 instead of 50 it worked though. I didn’t try any other lengths. I was just wondering if there was a limit to the password length?


Hello Robert @rseitzberg :wave:
Thank you for reporting this WP user’s password issue.

We’ve checked this internally and some of us made some tests and we all could replicate the same issue, and we found out that somehow the password breaks as soon as we used the $ (Dollar sign) in it - even with a short password (like 17 characters long) - so that does not sound like a password length limitation issue.

We’re still not sure yet if it’s a bug or something in DevKinsta and/or how it handles that special character ( $ ). We have also reported this issue to our internal devs team (and if it’s a bug, then they may want to fix it in the next release hopefully).

For now, what we would suggest to you is, when creating a new site please avoid to use $ character in your password (and it should work even with more than 100 characters long).

Once the site has been created, you can try to login to the wp-admin and change / re-set the WP user’s password with the new password you want (this time, you should be able to use $ character in that new password. Then you can re-login to wp-admin with that new password to test).

Please test/check the same from your end and see if it works!




just a quick message to report that the bug that was causing failed login when the password contained the $ sign has been fixed in the lastest DevKinsta version.