PHP 8.2+ support: Deprecation in Kinsta MU Plugins

We have several WordPress sites that we’re in the process of moving to PHP 8.2.
We have WP_DEBUG_LOG set to true to monitor any deprecations or errors.

In this situation, we see the following warnings in the debug.log file:
PHP Deprecated: Creation of dynamic property Kinsta\Cache_Purge::$kinsta_cache is deprecated in (redacted)/public/wp-content/mu-plugins/kinsta-mu-plugins/cache/class-cache-purge.php on line 84
PHP Deprecated: Creation of dynamic property Kinsta\KMP::$wp_cli is deprecated in (redacted)/public**/wp-content/mu-plugins/kinsta-mu-plugins/class-kmp.php** on line 93

It would be great if you could look into updating the Kinsta mu-plugins.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @kimhornung! :wave: Welcome to the Kinsta Community.

Those errors do not appear to be occurring on any of my sites that are on PHP 8.2 :thinking:

Generally speaking our plugin should update automatically to the latest version, however there are a couple of instances where it will not automatically update. The most common reason for that is a Bedrock/Trellis deployment, another custom WordPress file structure, or if there’s an error with our update tool.

The best way for us to resolve this is by checking the individual sites in question. Can you please contact us directly via our chat support in MyKinsta? One of our support engineers should be able to assist you further with ensuring those sites get the plugin updated successfully.

Hi again

I have now double-checked, and I can see that it’s only a problem on our staging sites. And checking the file stamps for the Kinsta mu-plugin, I can see that it’s been updated recently on the live site. But not on the staging site (it’s a very long-running staging site).

So I’ll simply manually update the kinsta mu-plugin on the staging site :slight_smile:

Thank you for the help in looking into this.

Hi @kimhornung :wave:

Thank you for your reply and update!

Yeah that would make sense :+1: and sounds a good plan too!
Sure, please take your time to update the Kinsta MU plugin to the latest version available on all of your staging sites, and you may then re-check and see if the error is no longer being logged in the debug.log files after that? :pray:

In case you’re still experiencing any issues with it, I would suggest the same to contact us directly via our chat support within your MyKinsta control panel - and our support engineers will be happy to assist you from there!

Best regards,
Agus Utomo