Problems importing a website from My Kinsta


I am trying to import a website from My Kinsta, especially a Staging website, and when reaching the import phase I receive a DK0066 error. What could I do?

Hi @usasiago ! :wave: Welcome to the Kinsta Community.

The DK0066 error usually means that DevKinsta was unable to import the local database dump into your MyKinsta site’s database.

Generally this is because there’s an issue with the Staging site database (for the Staging environment that you’re trying to download from), such as database or table corruption. It’s also possible that the local dump may be running into permissions issues. Are you able to open the main.log file (in a text editor such as NotePad or Visual Studio Code) and search for DK0066, to see what messages are surrounding it? Alternatively, you can provide the main.log file via a direct message to me so I can take a look.


Hi @jackirish ! I’ve sent you the log via direct message :slight_smile:

Hi @usasiago ,

Thank you for providing that. In the log, I can see this error:

[2024-05-01 20:45:48.701] [error] Error - DK0066: IMPORT_DB_DUMP: Error (1): YERROR 1130 (HY000): Host '' is not allowed to connect to this MariaDB server

Generally that means there’s a local issue with accessing the database, that could be caused by a failed service, a local firewall, or a security program.

Can you please try to do this for me?

  1. Close DevKinsta completely (ensuring it is not simply minimized)
  2. Open Docker
  3. Delete all the DevKinsta containers by clicking on the bin icon
  4. Start DevKinsta again
  5. Add a new site

And see if that works. If it does not, I would recommend uninstalling DevKinsta and Docker, clearing the user directories for both, and reinstalling the program, and ensure any necessary firewall exception for both are added to your local firewall or security program.