Push staging to live but keep Affiliate WP tables

When I push staging to live all of the data for my affiliates (using Affiliate WP is updated). I’ve been in touch with support and this was their response:

I would suggest working with your developer on what process you should use, but ultimately I’m afraid you’ll have to re-add the registered affiliates manually. We don’t have a feature to exclude tables.

Here is the process I follow.

  1. Place LIve site in maintenance mode
  2. Export the registered affiliates.
  3. Import the registered affiliates in staging
  4. Push staging to live

Is there a way this can be done automatically as part of a staging to live push?

Regards, Darren
ps: I’m not a technical person so simple explanations would be appreciated.

Hello @darrencoleman . Thank you for reaching out and welcome to DevKinsta! That’s correct I’m afraid. At the moment DevKinsta does not allow for a selective push. It will currently push all data, which includes the entire database.

There is a feature request here for a selective push. I recommend adding your thoughts to this feature on that thread if the suggestion provided by my colleague doesn’t work for you.

Oh dear. That’s a real shame. Pushing from staging to live is one of the major benefits of Kinsta for me but this really scuppers it.
I’ll add my thought to that feature request.

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